Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ginger's Story ~

It's been almost a week now, but I wanted to tell a story about a kitty who came my way...

December 6th, During the morning: I was in the kitchen getting something for breakfast when we saw this kitty resting lifeless on the back porch. For a moment we were fearing the worst. -It had snowed heavily the night before and was freezing that morning. I thought the poor thing was gone, but then I noticed he was still breathing, barely. We carefully picked him up and put him in a little bed and fed him some water. I spent the whole morning feeding him water and cat soft food. The poor little guy's eyes were closed shut from an infection. I took a warm cloth to his face and added eye drops to his eyes. Within five minutes he had both eyes open and was looking around in the room. He was so thin and barely had strength to hold up his head, but after spending a few hours with him, he was beginning to regain some strength; he even left his little bed and ventured out a few times. I was praying for him to make it through the night so I could make some the calls the next morning to see if I could get someone to take him in. That feeling didn't last for long. Later that night his breathing got rough. I think he must have gotten pneumonia from being out in the cold for so long. I spent the whole night with him, trying to keep him comfortable as possible ..I watched him become an angel the next morning..

I gave him a name even though I knew I couldn't keep him. - "Ginger" just seemed to fit. It breaks my heart that he had to live his life as a feral; he didn't die as one, though ..For one day he belonged to me. 

Ginger touched my heart deeply even though our time was so short. I'm always seeing a new feral cat in our area; starving and desperate. It makes me very angry. That's why telling Ginger's story is so important to me. Ginger was just one of the millions of ferals who live their lives unloved, starving, sick, or lonely in a shelter, waiting for someone to save them. - all because of irresponsible, careless pet owners who don't spay/neuter their cats (& dogs) then tossed them out like they're nothing. I so desperately want Ginger's story to be heard. He, like so many out there, deserve to be loved and cared for..

Please ..if you can ..give your heart to a feral or a sheltered pet. They need us to be there for them; to be their voice and to give them love.

Ginger's Sunset