Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ginger's Story ~

It's been almost a week now, but I wanted to tell a story about a kitty who came my way...

December 6th, During the morning: I was in the kitchen getting something for breakfast when we saw this kitty resting lifeless on the back porch. For a moment we were fearing the worst. -It had snowed heavily the night before and was freezing that morning. I thought the poor thing was gone, but then I noticed he was still breathing, barely. We carefully picked him up and put him in a little bed and fed him some water. I spent the whole morning feeding him water and cat soft food. The poor little guy's eyes were closed shut from an infection. I took a warm cloth to his face and added eye drops to his eyes. Within five minutes he had both eyes open and was looking around in the room. He was so thin and barely had strength to hold up his head, but after spending a few hours with him, he was beginning to regain some strength; he even left his little bed and ventured out a few times. I was praying for him to make it through the night so I could make some the calls the next morning to see if I could get someone to take him in. That feeling didn't last for long. Later that night his breathing got rough. I think he must have gotten pneumonia from being out in the cold for so long. I spent the whole night with him, trying to keep him comfortable as possible ..I watched him become an angel the next morning..

I gave him a name even though I knew I couldn't keep him. - "Ginger" just seemed to fit. It breaks my heart that he had to live his life as a feral; he didn't die as one, though ..For one day he belonged to me. 

Ginger touched my heart deeply even though our time was so short. I'm always seeing a new feral cat in our area; starving and desperate. It makes me very angry. That's why telling Ginger's story is so important to me. Ginger was just one of the millions of ferals who live their lives unloved, starving, sick, or lonely in a shelter, waiting for someone to save them. - all because of irresponsible, careless pet owners who don't spay/neuter their cats (& dogs) then tossed them out like they're nothing. I so desperately want Ginger's story to be heard. He, like so many out there, deserve to be loved and cared for..

Please ..if you can ..give your heart to a feral or a sheltered pet. They need us to be there for them; to be their voice and to give them love.

Ginger's Sunset


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Believe in Dreams ~

My hope box full of hopes & dreams

When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
~Author Unknown

I added Twix's old collar to my box ..still holding onto the hope of finding her one day..


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ohh how the days have flown ...

Yesterday my "Little Man" had his 2nd Birthday. I look at him today and I just can't believe how fast these last two years have flown by..
Preston on my 21st Birthday - The day I got him

Although he's older now, Preston is still a kitten at heart. I've been calling him a little brat lately because he's been waking me up early by nipping at my hands. It can be a pain, especially when you're half awake, but I just adore everything he does ..he makes my heart smile.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too nice to be a bird house!

About a week ago I started a little project for myself. It involved a beat up bird house and my creative side wanting to run riot.

This is what it looked like before......

And here it is once I was finished ......

I enjoy being creative. It allows me to put my heart into something and see the results from it. I just wish this little bird house was bigger ..or I was smaller ..I would love to live in a house like this!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Photos of Flowers

Enjoying spring time, as you can see!

I took these over the week.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is Here!

Today I captured this bee buzzing from flower to flower. (It had such a loud buzzing noise)

 I enjoyed watching the bee and taking its picture. Nature fascinates me so much. One of my favorite things about Spring is seeing flowers bloom all over the place. Speaking of blooming; My little forget-me-nots are sprouting! ..I had, at first, thought I messed up because a few weeks went by without any sign of life, but after a day of rain, there's little leaves all over the pot. (I'll take a photo of that tomorrow)


Sunday, March 20, 2011

On My Soap Box ...

Yesterday while I was in the grocery store, I saw a magazine on the rack with a photo of two teen Mom's on it titled "Pregnant Again!".
Now I don't pay a whole lot of attention over celebrity gossip (Find it a waste of time) so I don't remember the girl's names, but I seem to remember hearing about a show awhile ago called "Teen Moms" and I think these two girls where from that. I immediately thought "Again?" and then pondered over why such a thing is so glamorized in our society now ...

Remember Jamie Lynn Spears? Pregnant at age 16. Her pregnancy was talked about all over the place for the next eight months, then photos of her, her "then" boyfriend, and of course the baby where published all over mags; making her new lifestyle look so wonderful. Sure, I guess when you're rich, what does she have to worry about? But this is something young girls don't think about when they see those things and then, themselves, get pregnant. I saw somewhere that the statistics are 1 out of 3 teens are pregnant before nineteen. Young girls need to think about the major consequences of having sex. Not only does it affect their lives, but also their babies if they get pregnant. In reality, it isn't glamorous and parents need to talk to their children, both daughters and sons, about this more often. Growing up in a traditional family, my Mother often had those long, dreadful talks with me about growing up as a young woman and how it's always best to wait till after marriage before having sex. THAT was the birth control I was taught to use - Common sense, along with Christian values. Not only has it kept me safe from catching some sexual transmitted disease, it taught me how to be a decent, responsible young woman.

I'm not trying to talk bad about teen mothers ..I know things happen and mistakes are made. I just worry about our future and the future of the unborn who deserves to have both parent's in his/her's life without this chaos.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Deep Thought Moment ~

Yesterday I came across this video of a dog in Japan staying close to its injured companion. When you watch this video, you can see the sadness and worry in this dog's eyes; his eyes saying "help" as he watches over his friend. I watched it as I felt so sadden and helpless inside. It got me pondering over something afterwards ..I have came across people who have said they don't believe animals can understand love. I think this video proves them so wrong ....

I also think this video proves that if we all took note of the love and care this dog showed and practiced it ourselves, maybe the world wouldn't be filled with so much selfishness and hatred.

I wish people thought about that more....


Monday, March 7, 2011

Planting Forget-Me-Nots

Credit: Shutterstock
Earlier this Evening I planted some Forget-Me-Not seeds. I haven't grown anything in such a long time, so I'm really hoping I'm successful with these .......The memory of a 7yr old girl (Me) drowning her little seeds just came to memory as I typed that...

I picked this particular flower as a way of remembering those I'm missing - My cat Twix and friends I've lost over the last few years. Each flower that will bloom will hold a special meaning.

I took a photo of it below and will take more as my little flower grows. I can't wait to see them all in full bloom!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day filled with Love & Beauty~


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Missing the Simple Days

It always seems like when I want to blog I never have anything blog worthy to post - Blog worthy meaning things people might actually care to read... I have all these thoughts and feelings running through me and no way of venting them out. What is one to do when feeling this way?

I'm going to try writing......

When I was little, life was so simple and carefree. Sure, there was things that went on, but I never payed attention to them. I always knew either way things would work themselves out and when ever I did feel doubt, I was always told "It would be okay" ..and I always believed it. Before I knew it, I got older; Still a bit carefree, but more aware of things. Then it all hit me, about four years ago, to be exact. I was 18 when I started to understand what life was really about. I lost my first cat, Twixy, and then my first friend a month later. All if a sudden I had to cope with losing my other half and a sudden death of a friend. To this day, I'm still not sure how I got through it. Did I become stronger or just more closed up? I tend to lean towards the second, since I've always been a very closed up person. Its my protective shield and very rarely do I ever allow anyone past it. One thing I was never told was even though you keep yourself shielded up, Love still finds a way into your heart, therefore making you care for others ...And once that happens, well, you begin to realize just how open you really are. Which is what I realized last year when two people I knew and cared for died within weeks apart. I used to live a few mins away from them. They were an elderly couple I knew for about four years. I use to run into the woman when I was walking the dog. She always stopped me to chat away about the latest gossip on things. Me being shy and careful never took the chance on a friendship this woman was trying to offer me (A huge regret now). Then one day I found out that her and her Husband were needing someone to help clean their home. Since I knew them a bit already, I decided to help. I went over a every few weeks to help my friends Cindy & Chuck. I started to open up a more towards them both and instead of me going over to help with household chores, it became more of a fun visit that I had wished would last longer; They quickly became two friends I cared dearly for. Then some things happened that caused me to move many miles away. I remember my last day with them and how kindly and lovingly they had treated me. I had promised I would come back to visit, but again, a lot of things happened that prevented that ...then I lost them both; breaking that promise I made about returning. I think as time has past, I somehow learnt how to accept these things, but they still make my heart heavy. Now I'm having to learn how to deal with more things just never ends.

I've never learnt how to leave the past where it belongs or to forgive myself for all the broken promises I made to myself and to others. Instead I bring them with me where ever I go. Only problem is, others don't understand this of me and I'm looked down upon it because of it. Maybe this is my own fault for not being more open, I don't know. Perhaps I'm being too open now as I sit here and write this. I guess I'm just missing those simple, carefree days and needing someone to say "It will be okay"...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Cat Toy

I went to Petsmart the other day and thought I would buy Preston a new cat toy - I came across this cute one that looks like a fuzzy caveman. I thought it would be nice to have some play time with Preston, but he doesn't seem interested in it. How can a cat not be interested in a catnip filled toy on a string? He bats it around a few times then gives up; Looks at me like I'm crazy or something ..could have done better things with my five dollars! Oh well is a cute toy.