Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My beautiful Twix

Thanks to a friend of mine, I was able to retrieve a picture of Twix that I lost about 1yr ago due to a computer error.

This picture of her was taken about two years ago. She was sun bathing outside while I was out with the dog. She looked so beautiful just laying there, soaking up the sun. The light really brought out the beauty of her eyes and coat. Twix enjoyed being outside, though I hated it. (I feared of losing her ..which I did)

When we were out together, she would follow me. I would be out walking the dog, and right beside me was Twix. It made me smile every time. I always laughed and thought to myself "I wonder what the neighbors think?".

That was so long ago now..

Twix was my baby girl, my pride & joy, my soul pet (That special one & only).

I still don't know how I'm making it without her.

I'm doing okay. Just trying to hang in there. Twix's 5th birthday is next month, the 13th, along with the first anniversary of my friend's death. (Both on the same day. Actually my friend, Laurel, didn't die on the 13th, but that was when the news broke out)
With all the things going on, including dealing with past things & memories, I just feel so out of it.

Btw, the other pictures I posted here is another wild flower I found, plus some trees I thought were nice. - You know how I am with pictures.

The weepy looking tree is the one with the bird's nest. (Pictured in my previous post)

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Laura said...

What a beautiful picture of Twixy - probably the best one you have - it really shows her beautiful markings. I'm so sorry that she is no longer with you, but she will always be in your heart. I'm also sorry about Laurel's passing. It was a terrible tragedy, and I'm thankful Aldo and Noelle have wonderful new homes, and of course, hoping that Tess does too.