Thursday, September 24, 2009

Naughty, but Cute!

Don't be fooled by his sweet looking pictures. Behind those adorable eyes of his lies a naughty kitty who knows how to do things and look innocent afterwards. (Typical of kittens!) Like the other night, for example: Preston had took interest in a few tv cords that were tucked behind the dresser. I tried all sorts of things to distract him from them, but nothing worked. This went on for about an hour. He just wouldn't leave those cords alone! ...That is, until, I had gotten up and headed towards the kitchen. Preston saw me and ran at top speed to get ahead of me. The room was dark, but I was still able see this little fluff ball running pass me. When I turned on the kitchen light, there he was! Laying down on the kitchen floor as if he was there for hours! Preston is always doing things like this. I adore every moment of it, too.

These pictures were taken today while he was resting on top of our couch. He's growing so fast!



amilyn said...

So cute! Gaia's got innocent down pat too... lol!!

Kaotikitty said...

SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH on that innocent little angel!

Laura said...

He is so adorable!