Friday, November 9, 2012

Kitty Tails


I hope my readers have been enjoying my weekly "Kitty Tails" post.
I really enjoy writing about my volunteering days at the Adoption Center!

Burmese Kitten
Yesterday was a hectic day for us. We got in a litter of four Burmese mixed kittens the day before and yesterday they were getting all the attention; especially while we were trying to clean. Everyone was wanting to look at the kittens. One, named Lulu, got adopted.

I was hoping to get more pictures of the Burmese kittens but I didn't get a chance to. I was busy most of the time. I cleaned out five messy cages in Room 1 and then cleaned half a dozen food bowls, litter boxes, scoopers, and three carriers. It took me half the day to finish, leaving me very little time to spend with the kitties.

Itsy Bitsy (Top) and Callie (Bottom)

We got a nice surprise yesterday. - It turns out that Callie has a sister! 

Itsy Bitsy came to us a few days ago but had been at the shelter location since June. Myself and another volunteer thought Itsy Bitsy looked like Callie. In fact, we actually had someone stop by and make the comment that they looked alike. We checked both their files and share enough Callie and Itsy Bitsy came from the same home! They were together for about fives years before being turned into our shelter due to their owners having allergies. The two sisters were separated after that. I guess somehow someone must have missed the fact that these two were related. After months of being separated,  the two sisters are finally reunited! 

We've been trying for months to get Callie adopted. It's been hard because she prefers to be alone and most people have at least one or two cats already. Maybe now that her sister is back, that will be change. I'd like to think Callie and Itsy Bitsy will get adopted together. I hope for that.
Flora, Mack, Denver, and Thyme

Denver is back with us. I thought Denver got adopted, but it turns out he was taken back to the shelter due to not eating. Flora is back with us, too, after being treated. Denver, Flora, Mack, and Thyme all came from the same home. They were rescued from a hoarder and unfortunately had some health problems with their teeth. All four cats had to have their teeth removed. They're on a special soft food diet now. Each one is so affectionate. The future is brighter for them now that they're with us. 

Big Pappa
I finally got a picture of Big Pappa. He is one of the most sweetest cats I have ever seen. He just loves attention! 

I was very happy to see that Miss Holly was out and playing. She's still a bit shy, which is why I haven't taken any new pictures of her, but she is making big progress. I'm sure I'll be able to get a few pictures of her next week.

Since my last "Kitty Tails" post - Smeegles, Lucky, Sisters Jess & Jill, Brothers Jeff & Mutt, and Jimmy & Kenny all got adopted!

(Cats at YHS and Petsmart Adoption Center)


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