Monday, January 12, 2009

Twixy at 9-10 weeks old

Aaww. . .If only they would stay this little forever!

Twix is about 9-10 weeks old here in this picture.

One of my favorite memories of her as a kitten was when she would sleep in boxes! She just loved them when she was younger. I remember one night, while laying in bed, I decided to pull out this little red box that was under my bed. I knew Twix was in it. I pulled it out, and there she was ...this little furr ball, curled up! I remember just looking down at her, leaning over in my bed, stroking her furry little head as I was smiling. Twix was a little nipper than, so at that time, I was a bit afraid of petting her. Yes, I know ..I am daft! LOL! But Twix was my first purr, so I didn't know what to expect from a Cat.

Another favorite memory of mine was when she use to walk around the house holding little rubberbands in her mouth. It was so cute to see. She would do the same with small toys. - Just pick them up with her mouth and walk around the house carrying them.

Twix only did one naughty thing when she was a kitten, and that was climbing up curtains. She only did that 3-4 times, and then stopped. I am sad to say that she grew out of these cute little things that she did, but even when older, she still did things that made me smile!

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