Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Birthday and Anniversary ~

Two events today, and there's nothing special about remembering them. Twix would have been five years old today if she was with me. I don't know if she's alive or not. I want to believe she is ..but I don't know. - We lived in area with coyotes, and during that time, there was also large construction trucks passing by daily. She was either stolen or killed.

Today is also the one year Anniversary of Laurel's passing. She died suddenly last year, leaving behind her two cats and her dog. - Aldo, Tess, and Noelle -Plus many, many friends who miss her dearly. Aldo & Noelle, through the help of many people on Catster, had found new loving homes. Tess went missing and has yet to be found. I pray she has been found by a loving family, and is happy & well.

(Aldo's new owner is going through some hard times at the moment and needs help with vet bills for Aldo. If anyone who is reading this is a Catster member and is not a member at "Q4Aldo", please click on the link and join. ~Click Here~)

I miss Twix & my Friend so much. Losing them both has been so hard. Losing Twix in April, and Laurel a month after. It all feels like yesterday to me.


Manda Panda :) said...

You don't know me but I was just playing around on blogger and ended up looking at a picture of a beautiful cat. I am so sorry about both of your losses. I lost my cat babyboo who looks just like your Twix. She left us seven years ago. Even though I have no idea where you live if I ever see your cat I will find your blog and tell you!! :) Best of wishes

Wishes Can Come True said...

Manda Panda, Your post I am sure will bring some comfort to Twix,s mum. May I take this moment to thank You for taking the time to stop here and think of Twix.I know you miss your Babyboo too. . Thinking of you too tonight. ( Im a friend of Twix,s mum ) Lyn