Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nature's Therapy

A few weeks ago, my family & I took a trip up to White Tank Mountains, located in Waddell, AZ. We enjoyed the trail so much that we decided to go again. I had doubted I would use my camera much since I had taken over two hundred pictures last time, but Ohh was I wrong. Everything was more beautiful than the last time we went. Flowers blooming everywhere I looked. It truly was a beautiful sight with the mountains covered in yellow wildflowers!

We walked on this tail which leads to a waterfall. The path is mostly flat grounded, but there are areas that really get those legs working. It was also warmer this time, so working up a sweat wasn't hard to do. My favorite part about it all is the waterfall. Sadly, most of the water was dried up from the dessert heat, but the pool of water, the cool breeze and the sights were still amazing.

As we were walking back, I couldn't believe how much better I had felt. Being here, surrounded by nature ..that is my true home. I felt so at peace with everything as I was walking the trail; taking pictures. Out there, there is no worries or problems to deal with. Just you and the beauty God created.

Another thing that is amazing about this trail is all the Native American writings that are on the rocks - Called Petroglyphs - Believed to be at least 10,000 yrs old! {Click Here for History}

Being near them was an amazing experience. I was so fascinated by it all.


Laura said...

The cactus in bloom are so beautiful! I love Arizona!

Lyn said...

I would love to see more photo.s of this place..Very interesting. Beautiful photos .