Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't let your camera battery run down ...

Which is what happened to me when I spotted two Mourning Doves walking around; nibbling on something off the ground!

They were so calm with having me near them. I had thought at first that maybe their wings were clipped or something, but then the two of them flew into a near by tree. By that time, my camera shut down on me from a dead battery. ( Great! ) I had taken ten or so pictures already but wanted more .. For anyone else, this would have been more than enough, but not for me..
( I can be a bit crazy when it comes to taking pictures ....okay, I am crazy )

So ......

I ran back inside and placed my battery into its charging dock and waited for two mins ...Being fearful that the birds would be gone by the time I got back., I hurried up and placed the battery back inside the camera half way out ..and ( Shoot! Battery still dead! ) ..Ran back and placed the battery BACK in its charger ..( Yes, I can be that impatient some times )

Finally, after five mins, I had it charged enough to take a few more pictures!

It's been a great day!


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