Saturday, June 12, 2010

Appreciating the little things

When I first published this photo on my blog, I had typed "Even a small, lonely yellow flower needs a moment to feel meaningful". Since then, I've been pondering over what I meant by that and what I got from this one flower -- Now I know most of you will think I'm crazy and perhaps I am, but I had wanted this blog to be a way of expressing my feelings ..So, that's what I'm going to do....

It was raining earlier today - a first in months - and it was so cool and fresh outside. I had decided to head out for a short walk; Taking my favorite companion (my camera) along with me. A few months ago, these trees were covered in thousands of yellow flowers. Now, because of the heat, there is very few. While I was walking ..with my mind in thoughts ..I spotted this one lonely, yellow flower just glancing down. All the other flowers had pairs, but not this one. I looked at it and thought "even this little flower needs a moment to feel meaningful" ..That's how I've felt all day today about myself - sort of lonely; needing to feel meaningful to someone. ~ That's why I took a picture of this flower.

When I'm out walking, I take the time to notice everything that surrounds me - the clouds, the sunshine, trees, flowers, birds chirping. That's when it hit me as I was thinking about this flower. I wonder how many times someone has passed by it and took notice of it? I was probably the only one. Sadly, we do this a lot to people as well.

Remember those who are apart of your life and take a moment to make them feel loved.



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