Sunday, March 20, 2011

On My Soap Box ...

Yesterday while I was in the grocery store, I saw a magazine on the rack with a photo of two teen Mom's on it titled "Pregnant Again!".
Now I don't pay a whole lot of attention over celebrity gossip (Find it a waste of time) so I don't remember the girl's names, but I seem to remember hearing about a show awhile ago called "Teen Moms" and I think these two girls where from that. I immediately thought "Again?" and then pondered over why such a thing is so glamorized in our society now ...

Remember Jamie Lynn Spears? Pregnant at age 16. Her pregnancy was talked about all over the place for the next eight months, then photos of her, her "then" boyfriend, and of course the baby where published all over mags; making her new lifestyle look so wonderful. Sure, I guess when you're rich, what does she have to worry about? But this is something young girls don't think about when they see those things and then, themselves, get pregnant. I saw somewhere that the statistics are 1 out of 3 teens are pregnant before nineteen. Young girls need to think about the major consequences of having sex. Not only does it affect their lives, but also their babies if they get pregnant. In reality, it isn't glamorous and parents need to talk to their children, both daughters and sons, about this more often. Growing up in a traditional family, my Mother often had those long, dreadful talks with me about growing up as a young woman and how it's always best to wait till after marriage before having sex. THAT was the birth control I was taught to use - Common sense, along with Christian values. Not only has it kept me safe from catching some sexual transmitted disease, it taught me how to be a decent, responsible young woman.

I'm not trying to talk bad about teen mothers ..I know things happen and mistakes are made. I just worry about our future and the future of the unborn who deserves to have both parent's in his/her's life without this chaos.

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