Friday, February 27, 2009

Pictures of Summer, Clemy, Sarah & D.J.

The weather today has been purrfect. Not too cold; Not too hot ..just purrfect!

I spent my evening taking the three dogs out for a short walk. - Clemy (The Weimaraner pictured in my previous post), and two Shih Tzus. - Sarah, aged 1yr, and D.J. aged about 10-11 months.

When I got back home, I opened up some windows and went into the kitchen to start dinner. While I was in there, the two little ones, - The Shih Tzus - Were going back & forth in the living room, looking out the windows. So, while I was waiting for the stove to heat up, I took some pictures of them, along with Clemy and Summer.



Clemy, Sarah, & D.J

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