Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring ~

These last few days have been beautiful. Every where I look, flowers are blooming!

Well, you all know how I am with the camera..
Yesterday I headed out and took some more pictures. - This time I took pictures of the flowers we have planted out front. They looked so beautiful in the sunlight!

One of those beautiful flowers is my little girl Twix. - She will be gone 1yr this April 2nd.

I hope everyone who is reading this will have a nice spring time this year.

Happy Spring!


Laura said...

Love seeing the flowers staring to bloom! The pansys are beautiful. I'm so sorry that it has been almost a year since Twixy left. I hope she is having a good life in someone else's home.

Wishes Can Come True said...

What Beautiful pictures, Twixy and the Flowers . Beautiful Memories to hold close forever inside your heart. Rebecca.