Sunday, March 29, 2009

Special Thank You ~

To all of those who have been keeping up with my blog. Wow, I had no idea so many would visit!

I might be a bit slow on updating it for a few days. We're moving, so that means I got to pack, unpack, pack, and unpack . .FUN !!

It's with much sadness in my heart, that I write that Summerset is no longer with me. I couldn't take her to the new place so she was re-homed. I had no choice .. It's breaking my heart tremendously not having her here with me. I miss her dearly, as I miss Twix..

It sure has been a very difficult last 2yrs.

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Laura said...

I'm so sorry that Summerset couldn't go with you, Rebecca. I'm glad you were able to find her a new home. Good luck with your move!