Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring is Blooming ~

I'm not sure what this flower is called, but it's blooming all over the place, like that purple flower I had taken a picture of.

Around this time last year, every time I saw these flowers, I would think of my friend Laurel. She was into oriental things. --You can see that by visiting her cat, Tess' page. I had one time made a picture for Tess with Cherry Blossom Trees in the background. I'm not sure if these flowers (Pictured Left) are Cherry Blossoms or not, but they look very similar to one ..which is why I think of my friend when seeing them.

Another reason is ..in my last email to Laurel --Shortly before her death-- I had sent her a picture of a Cherry Blossom Tree.

I first noticed them today when giving Clemy a walk. Seeing them made me think of my friend. Such a strange feeling came over me. How I wish I could share this picture with her. .

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