Monday, May 17, 2010

Reflections of Preston

I think a cat's eyes say a lot about them. One of my favorite pictures of Twix is this one of her looking out the window. To me, it defines everything Twix was. You could just see it in her eyes - Her inner beauty; her deepness; her mysterious side. Her eyes always made me feel so peaceful inside.

This Morning, as I was laying in bed, I spotted Preston sitting down across the room and had called for him. He just stood there. Then the train that passes by every morning had blown its whistle. Preston did this mad dash over me (Which hurt, btw) and headed straight for the window. Preston loves looking out the window, but of course, every cat does!

That's when I grabbed my camera and decided to try and capture a picture of him looking out the window - like I did with Twix.

I knew the end result would be very different then the photo I took of Twix a few yrs ago, but I love the images I got of Preston. - He is a total boy who is 100% naughty WITH the full acknowledgment of getting away with ANYTHING if I allowed him to.


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LovesFurbabies said...

Boy or girl, there's so many differences between furbabies that you just have to approeciate and love them all. Twixxy had a lot of expression in her face, just like my Alexis. Preston has nothing but fullness of life and mischief in his eyes just like by Abby girl. Different as night and day, but I absolutely love them both! :-)