Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Peace in the Rain

I got quite the surprise yesterday evening - It rained!

Now I know many of you are thinking "So what?", but when it rains here in Arizona; relieving my day from the typical 100+ degree heat, I consider it something to celebrate!

I have always enjoyed the rain. The smell of it; Sound of it, and everything else that is included. I also love walking in it ..and, of course, taking pictures as I walk in it. Which is exactly what I did yesterday evening!

I don't know why, but for me, walking in the rain makes me feel so free from everything. I feel that way when I'm taking pictures, too. As if I am in my own world, away from worries and sadness. I can be me without caring what others may think. I feel a sense of peace and inspiration as I capture the world around me with my camera.

After many pictures later, I was soaked from the rain. Finally it stopped (we had a great thunder storm!) and started to clear up a bit. And that's when I saw it, the most beautiful, magnificent, breath taking scene I ever have seen

 The sun breaking through the black clouds. You had to be there, standing where I was standing to get the amazing feeling I felt inside ..That inspiration; That freedom; That peace I so needed. And there I was ....taking pictures of this glorious moment; feeling all those emotions in one, when it suddenly hit me. No matter how many heartaches and letdowns I may feel from time to time, Life is a gift and I am free. Since hitting adult age, I feel like my life has became so complicated and unsure. When I saw that sun breaking through and the beautiful rainbow behind me, I remembered something ..I am not alone; God is watching ...and ...I am in the making...



Laura said...

What a beautiful rainbow!

Rachael said...

You have a grrr-eat talent rebecca!

Have you ever thought about doing it full-time as a job!

Rachael and the bell-hughes ba-bez xoxox