Friday, October 5, 2012

Kitty Tails - New weekly blog post


I'm going to share my "kitty tails" here as part of a new weekly blog post! It's been an amazing experience being a volunteer. I'm looking forward to sharing my stories here.

I really love volunteering for my local Humane Society. I choose to spend my Thursdays at the Petsmart Adoption Center since I'm a crazy cat lady. The day starts off with cleaning cages, feeding, washing up, then play/cuddle time with the kitties. I've been doing it for about seven months now (hard for me to believe) and the experience has been both amazing and life changing. I have bonded with kitties, earn their trust, then watch them get adopted. Some are kittens from feral Mommies. Others are adults, either previously owned or abandoned. Each have their own story, personality, and needs. As volunteers, we love these kitties as if they were our own. We take the time to get to "know" each one. In doing so, it helps us find the best homes for them. I have heard of stories that have made me smile or cry. I am so grateful to be apart of something that brings good to others, for both the kitties and their new families.

Josie and Zira - Sisters
We have five kittens in Room 1 and one shy kitten in Room 2. Each one is so cute and playful. I call it the "Kitten overload" when kittens are in their crazy, playful mode. They're so hard to resist, especially while cleaning the cages. It's hard not to want to pick one up and cuddle him/her all day long. We have two sets of siblings: Sisters Josie and Zira, and brothers Mutt and Jeff. Then there's Ziggy and our shy girl, Holly. Poor Ziggy got adopted a few weeks ago and then was brought back due to being "too much responsibility". People ... I just don't understand them.. 

Our adult kitties are just as sweet, especially the older "senior" ones. Sadly, the older kitties get overlook sometimes. If I had a big home, I would take them all, especially Callie. She's been with us the longest now. One of the reasons is; Callie is an independent girl who prefers to be a loner. This makes it hard because most cat lovers have at least one, two, sometimes three (or more) cats. Callie needs to go into a home where she can be the queen. I know somewhere, out there, is the perfect home just waiting for our dear Callie. Our kitties stay with us for as long as it takes. Some get adopted faster than others, but they all get adopted eventually.

As of now, we have 12 kitties - Flower, Callie, Dharma, Mutt and Jeff, Josie and Zira, Holly, Ziggy, Smeegles, Blacky and Big Boy. 

Yesterday was the day of "Blessing of Animals", so Reverend Kimball Arnold from the St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Prescott, AZ, came down to our shelter and adoption center to bless our cats/dogs. Each one received a certificate of blessings. It was really nice watching our kitties get blessed. I asked her to bless my two cats, Twixy and Preston before she left.

Come back next week for more Kitty Tails! 

I took photos of all, except Blacky - he's still a bit shy with us. 

Link -- Petsmart Adoption Center - Kitties for Adoption

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