Wednesday, October 17, 2012

National Feral Cat Day

Little Squirt

I know I'm a day late writing about National Feral Cat Day, but I wanted to write something from my heart with the hopes that it might touch others and make them think.

When I think of National Feral Cat Day, I think of the several feral cats/kittens that came into my life since my move last year. Starting with a few kittens, then Ginger (Read Here), Monty, and some others. Each one came into my life and left a lasting imprint on my heart. Including this latest one, a kitten named Little Squirt. He found me last Friday; starving and covered in fleas. I spent the next few days feeding him and cleaning him up. Tuesday morning He was allowed out (not by me) and his Mother got him. My hopes was to take Little Squirt to the Yavapai Humane Society where I volunteer for, but I wasn't able to. I've not given up. I am keeping my eyes and ears open for him; hoping to see him again. I get so angry inside when I think about all the feral cats I've seen, cared for, and loved. I've seen too many suffer. It all started with one person - not spay/neutering their cat(s) and then abandoning them, or letting them go loose. Like in so many other areas, we now have a problem that will be never ending. How many lives have to suffer before a real changed is made? I know there is people out there who see this as no big deal. Perhaps some will think I'm crazy for even caring so much about it. But for me, and this goes for any animal - Dogs, Cats, etc - They can't speak for themselves. They didn't ask for this. So I'm speaking for them. Fighting for them. Loving these feral kitties is what got me into volunteering. It's a cause I'm very passionate about.

Please, if you own a cat/dog, be a true animal lover and spay/neuter your pet. Don't add to the suffering. 


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Tyson said...

Wise words and sadly few will do any thing about it ...